Aydoslu Law and Consultancy provides legal consultancy for local and foreign clients and carries out amicable settlement procedures aiming to conclude disputes before litigation.

In case of a lawsuit, Aydoslu Law and Consultancy follows up the litigation process within the high consideration of privacy. In this manner, the client is informed immediately in any required matter.

Aydoslu Law and Consultancy involves in all aspects of family law including but not limited to,

  • Divorce and paternity lawsuits,
  • Drafting divorce agreement and conducting the procedures,
  • Dispute resolution concerning material and moral damages,
  • Dissolution processes,
  • Guardianship and child support payments,
  • Litigation procedures concerning injunction claims,
  • Dispute resolution regarding adoption procedures,
  • Legal consultancy for a prenuptial agreement,
  • Dispute resolution regarding engagement termination.